The prices listed below are the subject to change based on the glass selected for customization.  In most cases the price shown will be appropriate, however certain glass selections will require an up-charge.  

3x3                             $10
 5x5                             $25
6x6                             $30
7x7                             $40
8x8                             $50
9x9                             $60
10x10                          $70
11x11                          $80
12x12                          $90

Sushi plate                                      $30
Sushi Set                                         $38
Coasters (set of 4)                            $50
          Vase                                      $30
 Votive Holder                                $25
Ornament/ night light cover            $20
          Cufflinks                                $20 
      Purse holder                              $20
          Knobs                                    $15
    night light                                 $8

Custom pieces will be priced based on size and complexity of design.  Personalization is an extra $10 minimum

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping charges will be calculated separately.

All profits are donated to charity!

Contact information

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you have enjoyed browsing through the photos of my glasswork.  I would love to work with you to design a unique piece of glass art or recreate  one of the pieces shown on my website.  Please keep in mind that all profits are donated to charity, so when you buy something for yourself or for a friend, you will also be helping someone in need.  Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can email me directly or fill out the contact form and submit it.

Dawne Litterst 

email address:

phone: 603-714-0003